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Fukushima Keisounikki

(69 min/digital/HD/2023)


At the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, I was visiting Sōma and Minamisoma. Over the next few years, I visited those places several times, but before I knew it, my visits became distant. Some time later, in November 2020, I visited Hamadori for the first time in a long while. This film begins when I shot the place with a camera I happened to have with me. After that, until March 2023, I visited Iwaki, Odaka, Naraha, Iitate, Sōma, Minamisoma, Namie, and other places in the Hamadori region of Fukushima Prefecture on a one-off basis to film the scenery. During the production process, I decided to shoot the "places - Fuukei(風景)„ I encountered as portraits of human "faces". In the editing process, I shot the landscapes as the main subjects, and interspersed my own words, which were born from my interactions with the few people I met in each place, with the ever-changing landscapes. I also inserted footage of my own family shot in 8mm as a diary at key points in the film. This is an essay film in Fukushima in-between 2020-2023.