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Mr.S & Doraemon

(15 min/digital/HD/2012)

監督 撮影 編集 構成:鈴木光 翻訳:Julian Ross
2011年3月11日に東日本大震災が起きてから、6月ぐらいまで日々を撮影し続けた映像とアニメのドラえもんの のび家の家だけのアニメーションが構成される。click here.

Director Camera Editing:Hikaru Suzuki Translation:Julian Ross
Since the aftermath of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami on 3.11.2011 happend, I have filmed my daily life until june 2011. There is my old work constructed with only houses of main charactor of Japanese typical anime 'Doraemon'. This video art work is that two materials were mixed.click here.




©Hikaru Suzuki all rights reserved