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安楽島 (36 min/digital/HD/2011)

出演:近藤善揮, 白水杏 監督 編集 構成:鈴木光 撮影:斉藤正和, 松島俊介, 鈴木光 音声:高成勲 制作:北上伸江 監修:前田真二郎 プロダクション:IAMAS


Actors:Yoshiki Kondou, Kyo Shirouzu, Production:IAMAS Director Editing Script:Hikaru Suzuki Cinematographer:Masakazu Saito, Shunsuke Matsushima, Hikaru Suzuki Sound:Sofun Koh Set-Runner:Nobue Kitakami Supervisor:Shinjiro Maeda
Hikaru made a self-documentary about his father in 2008. Anrakuto (2011) is a brother of the film “God and father and me”. Main protagonist “a girl” talks in an interview about her extra family. His name is Hiroshi who is Korean and illegally lives in Japan for a long time. Her mom brought him to home and her family sheltered him. He is an alcoholic, unemployed and like watching Korean drama everyday. That film is mixed with fiction and documentary with experimental method. Hikaru tried to intertwine very intimate voice of the girl to her family, a point of view with actors from outside and Hikaru’s personal feeling about an offbeat family into the narrative linear time.

Screenings at Film festival:
Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2015
Cine Drive 2012 independent film festival in Osaka
Un Certain Regard at TAMA CINEMA FORUM 2012

Cine Drive prize for Cine Drive 2012 independent film festival in Osaka. (Grand prize)






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